== New Concert Review and Photoreport of ==
''Dirtrucks'' live at Berlin Wild At Heart 2006

Next upcoming Reviews & Photos: Onmyouza, D'esparisRay, Kagerou

our previous reviews included:
--> Dir en grey, Onmyouza, SweetS, Eve of Destiny ... and even more !! <--

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Die vorherige VideoNacht [XX.VAM] fand
als geniales DOUBLE FEATURE zu unserem 7.Jubiläum
je Sa-So am 14./15. & 28./29. Oktober 2006
in der BBAG in Potsdam-Babelsberg statt.

Bis zur nächsten, gehabt euch wohl.

The ''manganimedo project'' proudly presented
in cooperation with INRI studio Singapore:
a Sneak Preview Movie Party for

Sneak Preview Movie Party for - A WICKED TALE (2005)
>> A WICKED TALE (2005) <<

In attendance of its director and cult filmmaker Tzang Merwyn Tong !
This Event took place in Potsdam/Germany on February 15th 2005.

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